7 Tips For Better Sleep

If you’ve recent retired and found that sleep is a lot more elusive than you thought it would be, you are not alone. The changes in routine and the freedom that come with retirement can actually make it harder to get some rest. Here are 7 tips to get some sleep and enjoy your retirement.

1. Turn Off The Screen

Blue light can keep you awake, and many people find that having a TV in their room or reading on their phone at night makes it hard to sleep. Put away the screens at least half an hour before you want to sleep. Take the time instead to update your planner, write in your journal, or read a physical book.

2. Try Melatonin

Getting your sleep rhythm right after years of abuse is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes supplements that help smooth out your natural processes are the best option available. Talk to your doctor about starting to use melatonin or something similar.

3. Get In A Routine

When you first retire it can be tempting to stay up all night, sleep all day, and kind of forget that time has any meaning. This can be fun at first, but if you disrupt your cycle too much you can do ongoing damage. Put yourself on a schedule that works for the lifestyle you want and stick to that schedule. If you oversleep from time to time it’s not a big deal, but try not to make it a habit.

4. Sleep Cool

If your room is too hot you might find it hard to get to sleep. Most people find that they sleep easier, stay asleep longer, and are less likely to have nightmares when sleeping in a cool room. A fan can both cool you down and add background noise to block out things that might otherwise wake you.

5. Try Mild Exercise

Get out of the house and join a class or a go for a hike. Just a few times a week of 30 minutes or more will allow you to better control your body as a whole. Many people find that yoga, swimming, and group exercise classes are relaxing ways to make friends, avoid isolation, and tire themselves out to achieve a good night’s sleep.

6. Avoid Overindulging

Eating or drinking too much can lead to reflux conditions, making it hard to get comfortable and sleep well. Cut down the amount you eat and spread out your eating across the day to increase your physical comfort.

7. Use White Noise

White noise comes in a huge number of different types, but all they have the same purpose – blocking out everything and giving you a neutral environment in which to sleep. Choose one that relaxes you and lay back. YouTube has a large number 10 hour long videos you can try different types of white noise from.

Use these seven tips to get the best sleep of your life and be able to have the energy to do everything you’ve wanted to do for so long. Retirement is just the start of the best part of your life, take care of yourself and enjoy your future.

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