6 Tips For Seniors To Avoid Bathroom Hazards

Bathroom hazards cause millions of injuries annually, including fractures, electrical shocks, sprains, and concussions. They can also result in fatalities.

Bathroom safety is essential for the wellbeing of older adults in homes. An unsafe bathroom can be a deadly room. Yearly, 3 million seniors are treated due to falls. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bathroom hazards are one of the causes of these falls.

The National Council on Aging reports that an elderly person is rushed to emergency care every 11 seconds in the US. They are rushed to emergency care due to fall-related injuries. These accidents are preventable. You can take the necessary steps to prevent injuries due to falls, trips, and slips

Installing grab bars or handrails in your shower or tub can give you something to hold on to while entering or exiting your bathroom. Grab bars reduce the chances of older adults slipping or falling while bathing. They help older adults with weak legs to balance. This prevents you from experiencing any severe physical injuries.

Slippery surfaces are a major bathroom hazard for seniors. You can improve your bathroom’s safety by installing non-slip surfaces. Non-slip tiles or non-slip bathmats can improve your bathroom safety. They reduce your chances of slipping while bathing. A non-slip mat can reduce the risk of slipping or falling when exiting your tub or shower.

One of the simplest safety measures you can implement in your bathroom is keeping essentials within reach. Placing frequently used items in accessible locations helps declutter your bathroom. Lessen any foot movement by putting frequently used products within your reach. This reduces the likelihood of falling or tripping.

Bending over or reaching up for soap or shampoo poses slip or fall risks. Wall-mounted holders and wall-mounted soap dispensers eliminate the need to reach up or bend over. Towels, toilet paper, and washcloths should also be properly placed.

Ample lighting in the bathroom is essential for preventing slips and falls. You can injure yourself if you don’t see obstacles or a wet surface at night. The light switch should be close to the door for ease of reach.

Insufficient lighting discourages the elderly from visiting the bathroom at night. A night light plugged into the bathroom wall can reduce potential accident situations. Corridor lighting can also increase visibility. Sufficient lighting can be of help if you have balance challenges or vision problems.

Always keep electrical appliances away from water. You can prevent electrical accidents by keeping appliances including blow dryers and curling irons far from the sink. These appliances should be in reachable places, but away from water sources. If possible, use outlets with switches.

Older adults have sensitive skin. The skin becomes thinner as seniors age. You become more sensitive to temperature changes as you get older. Shower water may be too hot or cold for you. Always check your water heater temperature to ensure it is safe for bathing. This prevents scalding.

Bathing should be a relaxing experience, regardless of mobility issues or age. Vigilance is key to the prevention of bathroom hazards. Organizing your bathroom can prevent potential accident situations. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by following these tips.

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