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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

In 2020 alone, online scams targeting seniors cause more than $966 million in losses. Cyber criminals prey on seniors because ...
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What To Do With Your Old Electronics

It may seem tricky to get rid of your old electronics such as old TVs, cellphones, and computers, but there ...
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5 Summer Activities for Grandkids that You Should Actually Consider

Let’s be honest, technology has not exactly made life easier for grandparents and this is certainly true when it comes ...
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Gardening Safety and Older Adults

Gardening is a pastime that nurtures the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes as we age, however, the “body” makes digging ...
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Tips and Tricks for Seniors Traveling by Air

For a senior, travel can be an excellent way to stimulate the mind, connect with a wider community, and just ...
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5 Travel Tips to Top Every Senior’s To-Do List

According to Forbes, the number one type of travel preference for retirees was familiar destinations, those places we return to ...
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How To: Learn or Perfect A Foreign Language

Whether you are looking to take on new challenges or you are moving to a new country for retirement, you ...
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MedicareValue - practice gratitude

Reasons to Practice Gratitude and the Science Behind It

Anyone who's interested in psychology has probably heard about the concept of practicing gratitude. It has been gaining popularity lately ...
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MedicareValue - repel pests naturally

How To Repel Bugs And Pests Naturally

People are living through the day of COVID-19 which has them home a lot more than ever before. Therefore, they ...
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MedicareValue - Save On Your Water Bill

9 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill And Save Water

You can't survive without water. Nonetheless, high water bills can end up rocketing your overall utility bills. Learning how to ...
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