Benefits Of Keeping A Journal In Retirement

What do you see in your head when you think of retirement? Do you see your grandchildren playing in your back yard? Or perhaps do you see yourself living somewhere secluded and serene enjoying your retirement? Whichever image that comes to mind, it turns out that people still make plans even after retirement. Retiring is not the end but rather the beginning of an entirely new chapter in your life. And your new life is not just about having a great pension plan or money. There are still other crucial elements to a happy retirement, and one of them is keeping a journal.

Journaling can be a useful practice for people in retirement. It encourages self-reflection and clear thinking. For various research-based reasons, it would be wise to engage in journaling, whether it’s via smart devices or pen and paper. Below are four reasons why you should be journaling even in retirement:

1. Stress Management

Keeping a journal can help you plan your future and in the process, learn to manage stress and anxiety. For instance, after retirement, people still have to think about things like debt management and budgeting. You’ll have to run the numbers to figure out whether your savings are good enough or you’ll need to find another source of income. Focusing on all these at the same time can be draining, and the result is a recipe for stress. However, once you start jotting down your experiences daily in your journal, you create a safe zone for you to reflect and define a clear path for your future.

2. Breeds Creativity

Journaling has always been and still is an excellent way to spark creativity. After retirement, you will likely have a lot of time in your hands. But it can be tough to decide what you do with that time. Journaling will not only eliminate mental blocks but will also unleash the creativity inside you, allowing you to brainstorm effectively. And by indulging the creative side of yourself, you can come up with exciting ideas of what to do after retirement. Not sure about how creative you are? Well, keep a journal and write everything that comes to mind, and you will soon be exploring your inner creativity.

3. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Keeping a journal is not just about letting your imaginations run wild; it’s also about conversing with yourself. Journals are psychological mirrors that reveal to you who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. When you make it a habit to write in your journal, you improve your problem-solving skills, boost your memory and most importantly, keep your mind sharp. A journal helps to organize your thoughts which in turn helps stimulate your brain.

4. Opens Your Mind

When you write down your feelings, experiences and emotions, you can look back to review your goals, ambitions, aspirations and opinions. This way, you open your mind, and you can quickly identify negative influences and even reflect on things that you could have handled differently. So by keeping a journal, you’ll be able to open your mind and see things from an entirely new perspective.

So, do you think it’s time to start keeping a journal? Great! Because the benefits are endless.

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