Reasons Why You Should Writing Handwritten Thank You Notes

In this digital society where there are various channels and platforms of communication, writing with pen and paper has somewhat become a lost art. These days, email, cellphones, Facebook, and texting using emoticons is the norm when it comes to expressing thanks. But you have to ask yourself whether using digital platforms is the best way to express your heartfelt appreciation of a gift. Well, no. Receiving a text, email, or phone call just isn’t comparable to receiving a handwritten thank you note. The conveniences that technology provides is no excuse for not writing a handwritten thank you note.

Here’s why writing a ‘thank you’ note by hand is best:

It’s Personal

These days, it’s easy to send an email saying thanks. But the thing about email today is that it equals to work. When one receives a thank you note via email, it’s among the hundreds of messages in their inbox. Most people just scan it and move on. A handwritten note on the other hand is difficult to ignore and shows that a person went out of his/her way to write it, get a card, buy a stamp, and ensured that the letter reached the recipient. It sets everything apart from the stream of work and offers a more intimate feeling between you and the recipient. Your handwriting, message, and signature in the note represent who you are. Expressing gratitude this way is more meaningful to the recipient.

It Communicates Care

When you are shown kindness in one way or another, it can be difficult coming up with the right words to say ‘Thank You.’ The words to express gratitude may require some time to echo in your mind, from where you can narrow them down into a few meaningful phrases expressing your true appreciation. Fortunately, it’s not just your words that show gratitude. A handwritten note, letter, or card shows that you truly care compared to sending a generic email. That little effort you put in will go a long way in making the recipient feel appreciated. When they read the message you’ve written to them, they can almost imagine you with a pen as you allow your thoughts to flow onto the page. That is enough to encourage more gratitude and altruism since their actions were recognized.

It’s The Right Thing To Do

These days, an emoji can be used to express almost any sentiment. But that doesn’t mean it has fully replaced the art of a handwritten note when it comes to expressing gratitude properly. The note you write should recapture the hug, handshake, or smile you would give the recipient in person. It’s the right way to show appreciation and no digital platform can replace this. When you’re gifted something, the right thing to do is say thank you and a handwritten note does just that.

Considering how you can’t celebrate in person due to the pandemic, it’s still important to personalize your holiday experience, and writing a handwritten thank you note is the best way to achieve this. It really shows you care and have not taken their kindness for granted. What’s more, it shows that you received and appreciated the gift in question.

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