5 Summer Activities for Grandkids that You Should Actually Consider

Let’s be honest, technology has not exactly made life easier for grandparents and this is certainly true when it comes to getting the grandkids outdoors. It’s true, social media adds to the growing number of diversions that occupy the minds of children and distract them from summer activities in the first place.

Now, that’s not to say “indoor” is bad but rather to explain some of the benefits associated with getting the grandkids outdoors. In fact, many indoor activities are just as fun – especially when the weather it not!

However, getting outdoors is a great way to cultivate a healthy relationship with the grandkids:

But what fun activities for grandkids should you think about.

  1. Find a Fun Spot for a Weekly Lunch

Believe it or not, kids love food just as much as any other human. With this in mind, going out for lunch on a regular basis can strike the ideal balance between fun and spending quality time together. That is to say, if you choose the right place for lunch, you can develop this relationship over time while your grandkids are stuffing their face.

  1. Explore a Real-World Environment at the Nearby Park

Getting outdoors does not need to be a strenuous affair and even a short nature walk is a healthy way to spend time with the grandkids. After all, outdoor activities can boost vitamin D levels, while the presence of trees, rocks and other objects can help kids in terms of navigating a real-world environment. What’s more, visiting the local park or a nearby forest trail is beneficial for everyone in terms of mental health.

  1. Read Books that Will Excite Your Grandkids

In spite of technology, kids still enjoy the excitement, thrill and suspense that comes with reading books. Whether you go with Ronald Dahl, Enid Blython or something more recent, childrens’ books are often page-turners with cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. For this reason, you can even just read one chapter on every visit and this is sure to take up some precious time spent together. As you may know, reading books improves cognitive development and helps train the brain to focus and stay concentrated.

  1. Enjoy Some “Beauty Time” with the Grandkids

Okay, grandad, you might want to sit this one out. Kids of all ages love to fix their hair and make-up and some nail polish or a nail file is an ideal way to get started. That is, you can pay “Beauty Time” and file each others’ nails, while experimenting with different colors, designs and techniques. Also, what little girl is not obsessed with her hair brush? You see, cheap and easy!

  1. Keep Your Grandkids Attention Through Art

Imagination – it’s the one thing that kids are better at doing than adults. More specifically, kids like to use this imagination and arts and crafts is the perfect way for them to get creative. When you think about it, this is the perfect way to bond with your grandkids in a safe and fun environment. As if that’s not enough, arts and crafts stimulate brain function which is also known to reduce stress and increase attention span.

It’s true, at a time when technology is everywhere, it’s not easy to keep the grandkids entertained. But if you cast your mind back to childhood it’s often possible to remember what caught your interest back then. Either way, technology may exist, but your grandkids are still just as interested in all the above.

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