Improve Mobility With These Exercises

Mobility is something that aged people try to maintain in order to be self-independent. However, this has turned out to be a challenging task, especially for those who are suffering from muscle, knee, hip and joint pain. According to health specialist, there are various exercises that elderly people can engage in to help them improve mobility and also relieve hip and joint pain.

1. Swimming

Spending time in a swimming pool is not only fun but also very important for aged people. That is because swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises that can help relieve joint pains. Besides, helping to treat aching joints, swimming also improves mobility since the water allows one to move much easier without using too much effort.

If your aged relative or parent is not mobile enough to make it to the swimming pool, then you can look for a swimming facility that has a special hoist which can be used to lower the elderly person into the swimming pool and out without facing any difficulties.

2. Gentle Yoga

Elderly people are also advised to participate in gentle yoga, which is known to be effective at improving mobility. Besides improving mobility, this form of exercise also improves balance and flexibility. However, it is vital that an experienced profession monitors the flow of each activity that is done by elderly participants in order to make sure that they are safe.

3. Walking

Walking is also considered to be the best form of exercise for elderly people. That is because walking is a physical activity that can help relieve joint pain. However, it is advisable that you accompany your aged relative or guardian when taking a walk. Furthermore, make sure that you choose a comfortable place where they can walk without tripping on anything.

4. Light Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is also effective at improving mobility among the elderly people. That is why it is important for aged people to engage in light weight lifting. Moreover, aged people can do this from the comfort of their home and do not necessarily have to participate in a local gym. All you have to do is make sure that they have the right equipment for strength training.

5. Seated Exercises

Seated exercise may seem easy to do but they are very effective at improving mobility. Furthermore, seated exercises can be done at any time and at any place. All you have to do is support your aged relative when engaging in seated exercises such as arm circles, leg lift and quick feet. Moreover, seated exercise also helps strengthen various parts of the body including the chest, abdomen, the back, arms as well as the legs.


These are some of the exercises that elderly people can engage in to improve mobility and to relieve joint pain. Moreover, these exercises are easy to do and you do not need any special equipment to start training. However, make sure that your aged relative or guardian start off slow to avoid training injuries.

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