Improving Your Memory With These Activities

Aging is inevitable. And as one gets older, memory lapses are abound especially if you’re in your golden years. With all that information you may have acquired through the years, it would be a shame if you no longer had access to them. One should strive to keep their mind sharp and healthy even through the retirement years. So how do you stop or mitigate the deterioration of your memory? Well, you can improve your memory with these activities:

1.Improve memory with games

The brain is basically an organic storage device that compares to digital drives. Studies suggest it can hold up to 2.5 petabytes worth of info. But the challenge comes in retrieving that knowledge, especially if you’ve retired or have recently retired. Here are games that can assist in sharpening your memory.

Jigsaw Puzzles: If you want to engage your short-term memory, jigsaw puzzles are a terrific tool. It requires the brain to assemble a visual picture by sorting through a collection of shapes and colors. More jigsaw pieces mean that the brain will have to work harder, which offers an even greater reward. That last click of the final piece has been said to produce dopamine, which assists in improving concentration.

Chess: This is an intellectual person’s game. Players new to this game will depend on short-term memory to assess the board and plan their next move. For an experienced chess player, their long-term memory will already have committed strategies. This shifts the exercise to retrieving info to be used for the long-term.

2.Improve memory with brain exercises

As one grows older, chances of contracting diseases and other health problems significantly increase, which is why physical exercise is crucial to your overall health. The same case applies to the cognitive health of a person. Brain exercises assist in increasing the cognitive reserve as one ages. Here are some brain exercises you can employ:

Learn a foreign language: The brain is stimulated by hearing and listening. Learning a new language and improving your vocabulary has been shown to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.
Do math problems: Try solving problems without using a calculator, paper, or pencil. You can make the process more challenging by taking a walk as you figure out the solution(s).
Enroll for a cooking class: Take a class on how you can cook a new cuisine. Cooking utilizes several senses – touch, smell, taste, and sight – which trigger different brain sections.
Draw a map straight from memory: After visiting a place, return home and try drawing a picture of that area. Reiterate this exercise every time you travel somewhere.

3.Improve memory by staying active

If you stay inactive and mostly in a sedentary state, chances are your brain will follow suit and slack-off even more. Getting the heart pumping has been shown to improve the hippocampus, the area responsible for learning and verbal memory.

Remember that just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you can’t do it with grace. Get engaged with memory improving activities – you still have a lot to offer.

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