Mental Health Benefits of Walking Outisde

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? In many parts of the country, May also means the nicer weather is finally here. What better way to celebrate this than enjoying a walk outside? Taking a walk outside is not only a great way to remain fit and active, but more and more studies are also showing the mental health benefits of taking a walk outdoors.


Reduced Stress

It has been proven that walking is a good stress reliever. When you feel yourself becoming more stressed and anxious and decide to go for a walk, you’re more likely to feel calm, collected, and less anxious afterwards. Walking helps to release endorphins in your brain to help ease stress and benefit your overall mood.


Better Sleep

Millions of people have difficulty sleeping and rely on all types of sleeping aids including medications, herbs, and supplements. In reality, one of the best ways to get good sleep every night is to walk regularly. Walking is a physical activity, but it also exhausts the mind. So after a long walk, you can rest assured that you will get good sleep.


Reduced Loneliness

If you spend a lot of time alone, you may find that walking with a friend or a group can help reduce loneliness and isolation. Walking outside can also give you a chance to connect with someone else in a way that spending time with others engaged in different activities may not.


Fresh Focus

Many studies now show that even a brief walk outside can rejuvenate or freshen the mind. People who take a break from work-related activities and walk outside have been found to have improved concentration, better focus, and are re-energized. Breathing in the fresh air and getting more blood to the brain during physical activity are more likely responsible for the enhanced rejuvenation of the brain.

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