A Look At National Golf Lovers Day Activities

National Golf Lovers Day is celebrated on October 4th every year and as you may have guessed, it is a special day for golf lovers. This day is a day to celebrate the sport of golf as this game is one of the most popular sports of all time. One popular way to celebrate this day is to play a game of golf with your friends and other fellow golf lovers. Besides being a popular sport, golf is actually great for your health and overall well being, especially as you get older. We will now take a closer look at some of the health benefits.

When you play golf, you need to concentrate and hone your focus. As a result of this, playing golf has numerous benefits for the brain as it increases natural levels of focus, accuracy and concentration in daily life. It even helps to improve creativity since you need to use visualization to line up every shot. As you play golf on a more regular basis, it even helps to improve how you process depth and distance, which will certainly improve your overall spatial skills.

Even though golf isn’t an extremely active sport, it still helps to aide in weight loss and improve general fitness. Every time you swing your club or walk on the course, you’ll burn extra calories. This makes it an excellent low impact form of exercise which is excellent for seniors. To put this into perspective, an 18 hole golf course is approximately 3.5 miles which means that you’ll get an excellent workout walking on the course as you play and enjoy the game.

The great thing about playing golf is that it is an outdoor game that allows you to enjoy the sunshine and nature while playing. When you combine this exposure to nature with exercise, you get a perfect mix that will help you to get superior sleep every night. Additionally, you’ll be able to get sufficient levels of vitamin D thanks to sunlight exposure which will make your immune system stronger as well as ensure your bones, teeth and muscles remain in great condition.

If you suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or have a great deal of stress, golf can help to reduce these issues. Even if you have bouts of bad moods, when you regularly golf, it will help to improve your mental health, reduce stress and make you feel better thanks to a release of endorphins as you play.

Another benefit that you may not be aware of is that regular golfing is great for your heart health. This is because it improves blood circulation in your body, reduces cholesterol levels, reduces your risk of developing heart disease etc. This can lead to an even longer life span.

All of these benefits can be easily enjoyed when you play golf and since it is a low impact exercise, you can safely play it into your senior years. There is a very low risk of injury and it will drastically improve the length and quality of your life.

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